Btps Collective Agreement

1.7 This collective agreement benefits and binds the parties and their rights holders. 2.7.1 The association and TEBA may at any time agree to negotiate revisions to the central points of the collective agreement. These changes will come into effect from the date the association and TEBA agree. 1.3.1 has the exclusive power to bargain collectively with TEBA on behalf of all teachers in the bargaining units and to engage teachers in each collective agreement with respect to the core concepts; and 2.5.1 Notwithstanding Article 130 of the Labour Code, a collective agreement that came into force between the parties at the time of notification, despite notice in the collective agreement until 2.2.2, applies if a notice of opening negotiations is notified. 16.5 The arbitration body may not amend, modify or amend the terms of this agreement. 1.1 This letter of appeal is made in accordance with Article 8 of the collective agreement (practical conditions). The parties agree that when teachers` teaching time is compressed and current collective agreements are tacit, teachers are given a break from the extra time provided in the table below. The next 0.25 days are rounded for this calculation. Both parties recognize that flexibility is necessary to maintain the timetable for the employer, but also to assure teachers that an extension of teaching days can result in a break for teachers. 1.2 This agreement applies to all workers of the employer: who must have as a condition of employment a valid teaching certificate issued under the authority of the Ministry of Education, the province of Alberta, which is collectively named or, if the context requires it, teachers, with the exception of those called: 2.4.1, Notwithstanding paragraph 59, paragraph 2, of the labour code , a notification regarding the opening of local negotiations by an employer or association must be made in accordance with Article 59 of the Labour Code. but no more than 60 days later, the collective agreement under Section 11, paragraph 4, of the PECBA was ratified or the central conditions were settled by other provisions.

The parties agree that the collective agreement, which begins on 1 September 2016 and is currently in force, must begin negotiations on the central and local business list no later than six months and no more than 8 months before the expiry of the collective agreement then in force and be initiated by a written communication from the association or teBA to the other. While this collective agreement is concluded in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, as amended from time to time, including, but not limited to, the School Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Collective Education Act (PECBA), the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code. 1.6 “flat payment” refers to a one-time payment corresponding to other one-time payments sometimes referred to as signing bonuses.