Non-Compete Agreement Washington State Law

“I`ve heard exactly the opposite of the startup community, people who say that non-competitions are a big pain to recruit,” Stanford told GeekWire. “In California, non-competition bans have been banned for a century, and that hasn`t bothered their startup world.” If there are unique business secrets or important proprietary information, some kind of non-competitive agreement can be helpful…. What`s the matter? It is hard to believe that the 14 per cent of workers who earn less than $40,000 a year and are forced to sign these agreements have proprietary specific information. Non-competitors have left the high-tech empire and have been applied to food service employees, security guards and even delivery drivers. In accordance with the headlines about competition prohibitions across the country, a franchisor must not prevent a franchisee from requesting or recruiting an employee of a franchisee of the same franchisor or an employee of the franchisor. The new legal restrictions on non-competition obligations are prudent. Competition bans may be useful tools to protect trade secrets, proprietary information and investments in some employees, but in recent times they have been misused. This law will allow for an urgent levelling of the conditions of competition between employers and workers. In addition to inapplicability, employers can expect penalties for non-competition prohibitions that do not comply with the new law. The basic idea of non-competition is to help employers prevent employers from learning confidential information on a Monday and then pass on their knowledge to a competitor on a Tuesday. This justification will be much less persuasive if the employee is hired on a Monday, laid off on a Tuesday and says he cannot work for a competitor for the next 18 months.

Moonlighting: When a worker earns less than twice the state minimum wage, an employer must not restrict, restrict or prohibit the employee from having additional employment by supplementing the worker`s income through the work of another employer, self-employed work or self-reliance. However, this does not apply when services pose safety concerns or affect the employer`s reasonable and normal planning expectations. The worker`s obligations to the employer under current legislation (e.g.B. The common right to loyalty and conflict of interest prevention laws) remain unchanged. Application: The law applies to all procedures, regardless of when the remedy was filed. In other words, the law applies retroactively to agreements reached before the law comes into force on January 1, 2020 if these agreements are implemented. A non-compete agreement prevents a former employee from working for another company in the same sector. On the other hand, a non-invitation agreement only limits the extent to which they can compete with their former employer. The worker may continue to undertake other work in the same industrial and geographical area, which he could not do with a non-competition agreement.

The law requires employers to communicate to the worker the terms of the non-competition agreement in writing and no later than the date the worker accepts the job offer. If this is not the case, the agreement will be invalidated. Therefore, employers should ensure that the specific terms of the non-competition clause are included in the letter of offer to the potential worker, even if the language of non-competition is contained in other employment agreements, such as a confidentiality and ownership agreement. Zillow Group and Compass do not compete with real estate heavyweights.