Stokvel Agreement Stokvel Constitution Template

Ideas on how to write the Constitution seem interesting and seem useful, I will apply them in our stokvel – The number of members at Stokvel is not limited, unless a resolution is adopted at a meeting of existing members. Members provide Stokvel with their personal data (identification number and residence address) upon request. Members must comply with the Stokvel Constitution. If a member has died, family members do not automatically become members of the Stokvel. Membership in this group is a 5-year suspension period from the Funds from November 30, 2017. Members under the age of 18 are not allowed. If a person under the age of 18 wishes to participate, their parents/caregivers must do so on their behalf. During their association life, members can make changes to the Constitution. These amendments are called amendments. Your Constitution should contain rules for the proposal and implementation of amendments. It is an investment Stokvel whose sole mandate is to acquire assets in the campaigns of the People`s Funds (

Proceeds from these assets will be used at the end of a five-year period for the inclusion of a black-held cooperative bank. There are no monthly meetings for this Stokvel. A general meeting is convened by Stokvel`s Board of Directors if Stokvel can afford it. Non-members may not participate in the entire general meeting unless invited by the Executive Committee. Special meetings are convened by the Executive Committee if necessary. This is the most important part of the Constitution, so make sure everyone is on the same side. Benefits are all proceeds from the disbursement of assets acquired by the People`s Funds and contributions made by the member during the period. Excluding expenses, debts or losses incurred by Stokvel in relation to the contribution. Benefits are only paid after 5 years since the beginning of the group. Your Constitution should contain the basic principles of your organization and its general guidelines. Try to find a balance between comprehensive advice and administrative freedom.

Things can get complicated if they are too specific. More flexible documents generally work better. Perhaps you would like to include a section on finance in your constitution. Talk about the procedures for opening and maintaining a club bank account if you need it. Discuss how often finances are reported and who records club transactions (usually the treasurer). This Constitution was developed and published by the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) as a set of fundamental principles that govern a Stokvel or a community-based deposit guarantee organization. Together, these principles define the premise of the Stokvel group. This document is a set of guidelines that a group of Stokvel can use to establish its own constitution.