Technical Assistance And Support Services Agreement

FIREEYE SUPPORT TERMS AND CONDITIONS These FireEye support terms (the agreement) apply to all supported products (defined below) that you (you or the customer) have subscribed to FireEye, Platinum Support Service Agreement (“Support Agreement”). The scope of the Use Evaluation Licensing Agreement 1.1 The utilization evaluation contract (the “contract”) is a legal agreement between the licensee (the “taker”) and the 3 Technical Assistance and Services Agreement (version 1.13) 3/11 1 Scope of A Contract. Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH (APPLIED INFORMATICS) will provide you (client) with technical support, software maintenance and support services for software authorized by client (SOFTWARE) based on the rules set out in this document. In addition to the terms and conditions of sale set out in this Agreement, the source code license agreement and/or the source code license license C-/Boost Software License (depending on the application of the software) are in effect. B. After the support subscription fee is paid, technical support, software maintenance and support services are provided for the period specified in the confirmation of the order and/or the delivery voucher and/or invoice. C. The level of support, support subscription fee and SOFTWARE are shown in the order confirmation and/or the delivery voucher and/or invoice. D. Duration: Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation or invoice, the duration of this contract is twelve months from the date of this contract and may be extended on substantially identical terms on the basis of mutual agreement. 2 Extended support services A. Technical support and support services of APPLIED INFORMATICS include: software versions and updates, software usage assistance and operating advice, as well as troubleshooting and problem diagnosis. B.

A client software developer for whom an appropriate software license has been purchased will open a support ticket called “CLIENT DEVELOPER” by calling a support site appliCAED INFORMATICS at APPLIED INFORMATICS, which will send a response to client DEVELOPER within the maximum initial response time specified in Schedule B, depending on the level of support purchased by the customer. If the CLIENT DEVELOPER does not respond within 5 working days, the support ticket will be closed. The assistance ticket is also closed if the CLIENT DEVELOPER indicates it by or in some other way. C. Small versions are patches and maintenance versions of software that are provided by APPLIED INFORMATICS in accordance with this contract, at its sole discretion, by APPLIED INFORMATICS. This agreement contains the terms and conditions applicable to your purchase at Safe Video Communication AS. (“SVC”), which are available to you (“customer”) for orders from SVC Technical Support Agreements. By accepting the delivery of the SVC services and support described on the invoice or confirmation of the order, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and accepts these Terms. If you do not wish to be bound by this agreement, you must notify SVC immediately and return your purchase in accordance with SVC`s return policy below. CES TERMES AND CONDITIONS APPLY (i) UNLESS THE CUSTOMER HAS SIGNED A SEPARATE PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITH SVC, IN WHICH CASE THE SEPARATE AGREEMENT SHALL GOVERN; OR II) UNLESS OTHER SVC STANDARD TERMS APPLY TO THE TRANSACTION.