Viu Collective Agreement

On behalf of CUPE Local in 1858 and the University of Vancouver Island, the local Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 1858 and the University of Vancouver Island (VIU) entered into negotiations to conclude a new collective agreement for all CUPE employees at VIU. The current collective agreement is under way on… In 2019, VIU will begin collective bargaining with CUPE, VIUFA and BCGEU. We will continue to inform the university community throughout the negotiation process on the 2019 collective bargaining website. Visit collective bargaining to learn more. Show the collective… Below you will find the collective agreements for each of the unions at VIU and the terms and conditions for excluded directors. If you have any questions about your collective agreement, please contact us at 250.740.6604 or email Posted on July 22, 2020 on behalf of VIUFA and VIU We are pleased that the Vancouver Island Faculty Association (VIUFA) and VIU have ratified a new collective agreement as part of the provincial government`s sustainable services negotiation mandate.

The ratified agreement is in force… . Includes teaching and technical staff in development and application programs (professionals). The Key Person Advice Line (KPAL) is a special information and support line for key employees, superiors and union representatives. With KPAL, you can always contact a home health advisor (EFAP) for a consultation in case of a situation in the workplace… Includes teaching and technical staff in university programs, career programs, consultants and librarians.