Asset managing more than $15 billion in hotel real estate on behalf of owners worldwide.


30-year average industry experience across one-third of our professional team.


More than 70 hotels and 29,000 rooms under asset management, representing nearly every major brand, product type and major US market.


Services proven to enhance asset value and provide strategic insight on ownership issues through every stage of the investment cycle.

Why Hotel Asset Management?

Hotel owners might reasonably ask why they need an asset manager for oversight if they have a management company running their hotels?

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CHMW covers the latest issues impacting hotel owners, and offers innovative strategies for optimizing operating performance and hotel investment returns.

About CHMWarnick

CHMWarnick (CHMW) is the leading provider of hotel asset management and owner advisory services in the US.

Our highly-seasoned team of hotel real estate experts is dedicated to guiding the efforts and protecting the interests of hotel owners and investors throughout every stage of the investment cycle.

Drawing on our deep and diversified experience, CHMW provides services that enable hotel owners to successfully navigate issues, make informed decisions, and execute on strategies proven to yield superior investment returns.


We provide hotel owners, investors and lenders with expert insight and guidance, enabling them to make informed investment decisions, tackle complex brand and management issues, uncover opportunities for improving financial performance and evaluate strategic decisions, positively impacting hotel value throughout every stage of the investment cycle.

Hotel Asset Management

Active oversight and strategies proven to align operational performance with hotel investment objectives.

Guiding owners through the COVID-19 crisis; Delivering proven strategies for navigating issues, preserving cash, mitigating risks and positioning for operational recovery.

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Operations Assessments ▪ Closure/Re-Opening Plans
▪ Cash Flow Analysis & Funding Strategy ▪  Lender Negotiation ▪ Capital Planning ▪ Exit Strategy & Transaction Support

Owner & Lender Support Services

Expertise applied to complex challenges, enabling owners to identify issues and make informed decisions regarding hotel operations, management, brand, capital investment and strategy.

Specialized services for hotel lenders to stabilize distressed assets and recover lost value.

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Foreclosure & Workout Strategies ▪ Hotel Receivership ▪ Exit Strategy & Transaction Support ▪ Hotel Management & Brand Selection ▪ Owner Accounting ▪ Expert Witness/Litigation Support ▪ Development/Pre-Opening Advisory ▪ Acquisition Due Diligence

Case Studies

Actions speak louder than words…and create more value too.
View our case studies to learn how CHMW’s hotel asset management and owner advisory services translate into real, sustainable results, at every stage of the investment cycle.